Service policy

(1) after-sales service commitment
    We provide project consulting and feasibility, efficiency analysis, machine selection, workshop layout design, electrical resource allocation, doors and Windows manufacturing process diagram, trainees engineering and technical personnel, providing technical training software, free debugging equipment, the scene to guide the production, until the whole process of services such as to produce qualified products.

According to the output size and automation level, the corresponding reasonable equipment configuration scheme is provided.
We will provide 24-hour and timely service throughout the country and deliver them within 8 hours in our province.
Automation. Quick supply of equipment and spare parts.
Transaction. Provides occasional itinerant service.
If you are not satisfied with the quality service, please report to the general manager directly.
Using international standard production technology, the main parts of the machine are purchased internationally.

(2) equipment quality assurance
    We promise that all the equipment and products are original in the factory, which meet the national standard and exceed the industry standard. The main parts of the machine adopt international procurement, international standard production technology. The products are sold to 43 countries and regions in the world, and are widely recognized by customers all over the world.

(3)installation, integration and debugging
    We provide free installation, integration, and debugging services, equipment in place after we send service and technical personnel to conduct field installation and debugging, the buyer until the church use and produce qualified products.

Each device is equipped with a secure ground wire and a safety switch to ensure safe use. The equipment handling is the responsibility of the personnel of the demander, and the installation and commissioning work is the responsibility of the technical personnel represented by our company. The technical personnel of the demander shall assist and provide conditions for the empty vehicle and load test.

(4)equipment use and training
    After the equipment debugging and acceptance, the technical personnel represented by our company provide on-site training to the personnel of the demander, and provide training to the personnel of the demander on the use, operation and maintenance of the equipment. In addition to the normal installation and debugging, we can also train the door and window designers, equipment operation and maintenance personnel for the demander and carry out the training in our company's site.

(5)spare parts
    Foreign exchange and exchange commission.

We provide lists of perishable and consumable goods and preferential prices, which are convenient for buyer to purchase and replace in time.

(6)regular visits and maintenance support
    We visit the demander on an irregular basis every year to timely solve the problems we usually encounter and train new operators.

The guarantee period is one year, and it will be maintained for a lifetime from the date when the equipment is installed and debugged at the destination. During the warranty period, if the equipment fails to be used normally due to any fault, our representative shall timely respond to sending technical personnel to the demander for on-site maintenance, and the expenses shall be borne by our representative.
Please inform the buyer to participate in the after-sales equipment maintenance knowledge, new technology and process training organized by our company.
After the expiration of the warranty, our company will provide free technical consultation for the products, and take charge of the lifelong maintenance of the equipment, and provide spare parts and product upgrades at preferential prices.

(7)appreciation services
    Pay. Provide equipment software upgrade and update services.

The latest information on doors, Windows and curtain walls worldwide is supplied irregularly every year.