Technical support

1. According to the equipment configuration and customer requirements, provide the equipment layout plan of the production site.
2. Configure the equipment strictly according to the actual needs of customers to avoid idling and waste of equipment capacity.
3. Provide on-site service before the equipment is in place: arrange circuit, air circuit, etc., and help to select and install auxiliary facilities.
4. The whole equipment of our company is guaranteed for one year (except vulnerable parts).
5. The equipment shall be installed, debugged and trained free of charge by professionals with years of experience in the industry.
6. Provide timely, fast and high-quality service, and provide 24-hour service response.
7. Train equipment operators and assist in providing technical backbone
8. Free training of equipment operators.
9. Provide industry information free of charge.
10, can help provide aluminum alloy doors and Windows production of the relevant raw materials suppliers.