CNC Milling Machine (Rotary Worktable) LZX-CNC-3200

End Milling     |      2018-09-22 08:28
1. Suitable for processing aluminumupvc and copper profile.
2. The table can rotate within 180° by plus/minus 90°
3. Auto-changed tool magazine
4. Hicam programwindows operationinternetUSB slot.
CNC Milling Machine (Rotary Worktable)  LZX-CNC-3200
Technical Parameters
X axis travel   3200mm
Y axis travel 300mm
Z axis travel  200mm
X axis feed speed 0~60m/min
Y axis feed speed 0~25m/min
Z axis feed speed  0~25m/min
Machined surface roughness Ra 6.3 um
Repeat positioning ±0.02mm
Z axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Power supply   380V/50Hz
Spindle power 3.0kW
Spindle speed 0~24000rpm
Total power       6.0kw 
Working pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Overall dimension  4400x1420x1750mm
Weight 1200kg