LJG2-CNC-500-6000 Aluminum Door & Window Double 45° Sawing Line

Cutting     |      2018-08-30 17:51
1. High efficiency cut one section within 15s around 1920 sections one day(8 hours).
2. Save materialno waste of stub barCutting lists optimizing.
3. High accuracy length error ±0.01mmangle error ±0.1°.
4. USB slot to be used for loading/unloading data and for software updating.
5. Auto in-feeding cutting and out-feeding just need one worker.
LJG2-CNC-500-6000 Aluminum Door & Window Double 45° Sawing Line
Technical Parameters
Power supply   Three-phase four-wire AC380V 50Hz
Gas installed total power 13.6kw (Host 7.6kw Vacuum Motor 3kw*2)
Gas source 0.5-0.7Mpa
Saw blade specifications 500*4*3.4*30*120T (Japan House)
Saw blade spindle motor 2.2kw 2840r/min
Cutting angle 45° left and right
45 degree cutting profile 125*150mm (width * height)
Cutting length 200mm~6000mm
Length cutting accuracy Positive and negative 0.1mm
Rough section length 3300~6200mm
The storage area stores the number of blank profiles 6~8 roots
Feed robot travel About 7600mm
Discharge robot travel About 900mm
Feeding and discharging robot speed 0~70m/min
Saw blade vertical running speed 0~15m/min
Cutting efficiency 15 seconds on average
weight 5000kg
Dimensions 13200*3600*2100mm