Installation and Debugging New Equipment for Clients

 Company news     |      2018-09-20 09:41

JMD after-sales technician has been to Hochiminh to install and debug new equipment Since Sep.12.This time the client selected the most efficient machine-45 degree cutting center for aluminum profile,the purpose is too improve the finished window quality and work efficiency.That is the second cutting center they buy.As they knew it is worthy of buying it.The first set of cutting center is running well in their workshop.
 After 5 days hard work,all the equipment has been successfully debugged.Besides installation and commissioning,the technician also trains them how to operate and maintain them. Only if the machines are correctly operated and maintained,the service life will be effectively prolonged.
Here we appreciate clients choose aluminum windows making machine from JMD.We are always offering professional and close service for ever.
The following pictures are the machines they purchased at their workshop.


45 degree aluminum window and door cutting center LJG2-CNC-500-6000 

CNC double head miter cutting saw LJJ2AS-500x4200

CNC aluminum corner key cutting saw,single head copy router and end milling machine

Heavy duty corner crimping machine LJZJZ-150