"Going out" - JMD visited Vietnam

 Company news     |      2018-07-06 17:08
On March 15, 2017, the Vietnam 2017 Building Materials Exhibition was grandly opened in the capital Hanoi. Jinan Jinmaida Machinery Co., Ltd. accompanied the company’s foreign trade department and after-sales staff to attend the exhibition.

The VIETBUILD Vietnam International Building Materials and Home Decoration Fair is organized by the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam, Hanoi, and the Ho Chi Minh City government. The AFC Exhibition Company's international exhibition focusing on construction, building materials, decorative products and real estate is the largest in Vietnam. One of the most influential and internationalized fairs is also one of the most attractive international fairs in Southeast Asia.
Jinmai Da was invited as a famous brand in China. As the company's second international exhibition, this exhibition focused on the company's most advanced aluminum doors and windows equipment. Digital display precision cutting saws, self-locking single-axis copy milling, heavy-duty lifting angle cutters and other broken bridge aluminum equipment has become a highlight of the show. The booth attracted the favor of many customers at home and abroad. When the on-site demonstration equipment was operated, it was even more crowded and the customers were in constant stream.

Participating in this exhibition is an important step for Jinmaida to build an international brand and expand its international market strategy. Many merchants participating in the exhibition expressed great interest in the products exhibited by Jinmai Da Machinery. Many customers had detailed consultations on the spot and they hoped to cooperate in depth through this opportunity.
This exhibition, in cooperation with many customers reached a cooperation agreement or intention, but also through this exhibition and the peer friendly exchanges, made a lot of new friends, learned about the latest market of the door and window equipment industry, opened up the international perspective, this The future development of Kim Meida will also bring new opportunities.