Jinmaida cordially invites you to attend the 5th Jiangxi (Anyi) Aluminum Doors and Windows Fair

 Company news     |      2018-07-02 09:35
After a small year, the atmosphere of the year is more intense. After a busy year, we have embarked on the road to return home. Professional door and window equipment manufacturer - Jin Maida wishes everyone
Happy New Year, happy family!
Jin Maida will participate in the 5th Jiangxi (An Yi) Aluminum and Door and Window Expo held in An Yi, Nanchang from February 23 to 26, 2018. You are cordially invited to visit the Jin Meida booth. The exhibition booth of Jindama covers an area of more than 200 square meters, and will send a professional team of more than 20 people to participate in the latest sawing and processing center. The specific exhibiting equipments include: new sawing and machining center, CNC double-head precision saw, material corner code saw, heavy-duty angle machine, self-locking double-station copy milling, five-station press and other broken bridge doors and windows equipment.

From the industry
Jiangxi Anyi - 180,000 people in the population of 300,000 are engaged in processing, sales and production of plastic steel, aluminum alloy door and window profile industries throughout the country. In the country's large and small cities, aluminum alloy, plastic steel doors and windows processing sales "ten and nine" is Jiangxi Anyi people. Distribution of building materials is a unique market resource in Anyi County, Jiangxi Province, which occupies 70% of the national market share. It has been awarded “China Plastic Steel Door and Window Profile Demonstration Base”, “Jiangxi Aluminum Alloy Plastic Profile and Product Industrial Base” and “Jiangxi (An Yi) Aluminum Alloy Steel Profile Industry Base” by China Building Materials Distribution Association, Jiangxi Provincial Industry and Information Technology Committee and Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission. "And other honorary titles. As a major building materials product exhibition with high-tech and high-tech products as the main body, relying on regional advantageous resources to serve the country, it will vigorously promote independent innovation, fully display the development achievements of Anyi Manufacturing, and build domestic and foreign merchants in product transactions, technical exchanges and Investment negotiation stage.
Government-led operation of marketization
five advantages
Build a modern service platform for aluminum profiles and doors and windows
1. Organized by the People's Government of Anyi County, various industry associations strongly support: To promote the development of local steel-steel door and window profile enterprises, enhance the visibility of the industry, and create an important measure for the industry to become the “largest building material industry base in East China”;
2. Industry Foundation: Anyi County has been awarded the National SME Entrepreneurship Base, the China Plastic-steel Door and Window Profile Demonstration Base, the Jiangxi Aluminum Alloy Plastic Profiles and Products Industrial Base, and the Jiangxi (Anyi) Aluminum Alloy Plastic Steel Profile Industrial Base and other honorary titles.
3, the purchase of clusters of poly: in the size of cities in the country, aluminum alloy, steel doors and windows processing and sales, "almost eighty-nine" is the people of Jiangxi Anyi. Distribution of building materials is a unique market resource in Anyi County, Jiangxi Province, which occupies 70% of the national market share.
4. Industry has achieved “scale”: In recent years, the road to low-carbon development at Anyi has also been reflected in the large-scale promotion of emerging industry projects by introducing a number of large-scale high-quality projects, especially focusing on the introduction of Fortune 500 companies. The top 100 domestic enterprises have settled in the park, realizing the goal of spurring the development scale of emerging industries with large projects, and the vigorous development of strategic emerging industries represented by new materials and photovoltaics in the county.
5. Professional exhibition companies undertake: Taizhou Huapu Industry and Commerce Exhibition Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional exhibition companies established in Taizhou and has more than ten years of experience in organizing exhibitions. Its ability to organize exhibitions and credit standing ranks among the leading companies in Taizhou.
Comprehensive, multi-angle promotion Raiders
Our mission to create value for our customers
1. Make street sign advertisements and street advertisements on major roads in Anyi County;
2, through the main media in Jiangxi such as: Jiangxi TV station, Anyi TV station, Jiangxi Daily, business newspapers and other promotion.
3. Set up a special audience investment promotion department to issue a large number of invitations, invitations, visit vouchers, exhibitions, etc. to the professional building materials market throughout the country to distribute, collect business cards, and then telephone "one-on-one" invitation to ensure that foreign buyers arrive.
4. Use Baidu platform to start online visit registration and strongly promote exhibitions to ensure effective buyers.
5. Produce special advertising campaigns through 100 professional media, magazines, websites, etc., and publish advertisement information.
6. Inviting professional visitors and buyers through exchanges and cooperation with similar exhibitions of various sizes and influences across the country.
7. Make an exhibition website, send e-mails, postal fax information, and short messages;
Exhibition--Combination of activities
◎ A grand opening ceremony and related celebrations were held.
◎ Anyi County Building Material Industry Upgrading Workshop;
◎ New product promotion meeting for building materials companies;
◎ Purchaser and Exhibitor Technology Exchange Matchmaking Fair;
◎ "Chi Chong An Yi" Summit Forum.
Note: According to the actual situation, another specific activity plan shall be established and the site shall prevail.
Opening Ceremony: February 23, 2018 (9:10-9:40)
Exhibition opening: February 23-26, 2018 (8:00-16:30)
Venue: Nanchang Anyi