Section 4 Gaobeidian International Door & Window Expo

 Exhibition News     |      2018-07-02 11:23
In order to provide a display and exchange platform for building energy saving and door and window curtain wall enterprises at home and abroad, to give full play to the role of Doors, Windows and Bridges in the international window and door industry, we will hold the Fourth China (Gaobei) from September 21st to 23rd, 2017. Shop) International Door and Window Expo."
Activity time
September 21 - 23, 2017
Event Location
Hebei Gaobeidian City China International City of Doors and Windows
activity theme
Make buildings more energy-efficient and make life better
Baoding People's Government, Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hebei Science and Technology Department, Hebei Province Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, and China Construction Metal Structure Association
China Academy of Building Research, China Real Estate Association, China Building Decoration Association, Quanlian Real Estate Chamber of Commerce
Embassy of Germany in China, Embassy of France in China, Embassy of Austria in China, Embassy of Switzerland in China, Energy Agency of Germany, German Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Passive House in Germany, European Architectural Hardware Association, European Door and Window Association, French Chamber of Commerce, Australia Chamber of Commerce, Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Benelux Chamber of Commerce (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg), German Construction Alliance, Austrian Green Building Council
Gaobeidian City People's Government, China International Door and Window City, Longhu Group
Inviting guests
International organization and personnel
Including leaders from well-known companies in upstream and downstream industrial chains from more than 20 countries and regions including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Poland, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Representatives, about 800 foreign guests participated in the event.
1, foreign government departments and organizations
German Embassy in China, French Embassy in China, Austrian Embassy in China, Swiss Embassy in China, German Energy Agency, Brandenburg State Government, German Building Energy Efficiency Industry Alliance, Rosenheim Door and Window Curtain Wall Technology Research Institute , Passive House Technology Institute of Germany, Austrian Green Building Committee, Australian Think of Technology University.
2. International Industry Association
European Door and Window Association, European Construction Hardware Association, German Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce, French Chamber of Commerce, Australian Chamber of Commerce, Swiss Chamber of Commerce, The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg), Thai Chamber of Commerce, Malaysian Chamber of Commerce.
3, representatives of famous companies in the industry
Akzo Nobel Co., Ltd. (World Top 500 Companies), Japan YKK (World Top 500 Companies), Germany BASF Group (World Top 500 Companies), German Power Woodworking Equipment Co., Ltd., Germany Noto Hardware Co., Ltd., Germany Ge House Hardware Co., Ltd., Germany Mason Borg Trading Co., Ltd., Austria Pirso Doors and other 500 internationally renowned companies responsible person.
Domestic government agencies and organizations
1, industry authorities
Relevant departments of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, Tianjin Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee, Hebei Provincial Office of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Shandong Provincial Office of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
2. National industry associations and organizations
China Construction Metal Structure Association, China Real Estate Association, China Building Decoration Association, China Building Energy Conservation Association, China Architecture Society, China Real Estate Managers Union, All-China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Industry and Commerce Hardware and Electrical Machinery Association.
3、Professional associations of provinces, cities and autonomous regions
Beijing Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Association, Shanghai Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Association, Jiangsu Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Association, Shandong Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Association, Guangdong Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Association, Chongqing Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Association, Heilongjiang Door and Window Curtain Wall Industry Association and 28 provincial and municipal trade associations.
4, well-known real estate companies
Vanke, Poly, Wanda, Gemdale, Greentown, Evergrande, Long Lake, China Shipping, China Resources, Hongkun, and more than 300 well-known real estate companies.
5. Domestic top doors and windows related companies
Guangdong Jianlang, Shandong Guoqiang, Guangzhou Baiyun, Hangzhou Zhijiang, Heping Aluminum, CSG, Tianchen equipment, Parker machinery, etc. more than 2,000 companies.
6, universities and design institutes
Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Tianjin University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Hebei University, Shandong University of Architecture, etc. More than 20 colleges and universities and China National Building Materials Research Institute, China Academy of Forestry, Southwest Architectural Design Institute, etc. Home Architectural Design Institute.
Domestic and foreign media
Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, CCTV, Hong Kong Phoenix TV,,,, China Real Estate News, China Building Materials News, Taiwan United Daily News, Singapore Morning Post, Frankfurt Report, Southern German Press, German Business Daily, Germany More than 300 domestic and foreign mainstream and industry media such as building materials newspapers
Visit highlights
(1) Assembled ultra-low energy demonstration building
The prefabricated ultra-low energy demonstration building is constructed of prefabricated wooden structure. The interior adopts Internet+doors and windows, smart home, ground source heat pump, central fresh air, dust removal doors and windows, intelligent sunshade, central dust removal, same layer drainage, rainwater recovery, etc. More than 20 new technologies are being displayed to developers, design institutes, research institutes and universities, and science popularizes the role of building energy conservation.
(2) Door and window physical performance experience center
The door and window airtight performance and watertight performance experience center simulates various typhoons and rainstorms through large-scale equipment simulation. Let people feel the powerful protection of people's lives in the experience center because of the power of storms and high-performance doors and windows.
(3) China Door and Window Museum
Since its opening in 2011, China Door and Window Museum has received more than 200,000 visitors, which has played a positive role in promoting the popularization and development of door and window culture. In order to welcome the convening of this Expo, the museum will be comprehensively upgraded and upgraded, and comprehensive application of new technologies such as sound and light, Internet, etc., focusing on the interaction and experience of visitors.
(4) New upgrades of more than 400 exhibitors in the door and window city
The exhibitors at the door and window city attach great importance to the holding of this exhibition, and will upgrade the booth and update the exhibits. At that time, the International Pavilion, the Domestic Boutique Pavilion, the Equipment Pavilion and the Comprehensive Pavilion will exhibit the world's highest technological content.
(5) Door and Window City Development History Museum
It plans to build a new door and window city development history pavilion, showcase the development history of the door and window city and the development history of the domestic door and window industry.
(6) National Enterprise Technology Center Laboratory
The only state-level enterprise technology center laboratory in China's door and window industry, with international advanced level 3D printing, hardware fatigue, corrosion resistance and other key experimental equipment.
(7) Passive building materials production base
At present, there are already new wind system, glass, sunshade, profiles and other well-known European and American building energy-saving materials manufacturers to negotiate and settle in, and all operations will be put into operation before September 21. The production base also received the approval of Mr. Fest, the father of the world's passive house. The production projects that have been determined to settle at the base are mainly:
1. Nano coated glass production line
2. Building energy-saving glass production line
3, in addition to the new wind machine production line
4, intelligent shading system production line
Passive door production line (the only one in Asia certified by European PHI)
6, green smart home production line
Passive window Passive130 production line
8, high-performance economical PVC passive window production line
9. New graphite polystyrene board production line
(8) Passive ultra-low energy green demonstration building - "Train New City"
The project is a project designed and built by the German Passive House Research Institute and has the largest volume of domestic buildings and the highest level of energy conservation. Integrate the use of shading systems, intelligent building systems, recycling of rainwater, recycling of fresh air systems, sponge communities, and many other new technologies and concepts. Introduce high-quality educational resources and strive to create an integrated culture, culture, education, medical care, and leisure. A comprehensive community leads the leap-forward development of building energy efficiency in China.
(9) The Largest Passive House Ecological Technology Experience Center in China
It is divided into three experience display areas: one is the passive room performance experience area, the second is the product material display area, and the third is the integrated technology area. The popularization of passive building energy-saving knowledge for China, and raising awareness of building energy-saving will play a significant role in promoting.
(10) Smart Manufacturing 2025 Moser Door and Window Industrial Park
A new intelligent energy-saving door and window intelligent manufacturing line was built on the smart manufacturing 2025.
(11) China Europe Door and Window Curtain Wall Testing and Certification Center
It was jointly built by the German Rosenheim Testing and Certification Center (IFT), the China Academy of Building Research and the China International Door and Window City.
(11) Tropical Door and Window Curtain Weatherability Test Center
The center completely simulates the construction of tropical rain forest climate conditions to demonstrate the use of doors and windows in high-temperature and high-humidity environments.