Jin Maida invites you to participate in the 7th China (Linyi) Home Door and Window Expo

 Exhibition News     |      2018-07-02 11:25
In order to further promote green doors and windows and pursue a green and healthy life, based on the heavy precipitation of the 6th Window Expo, the China Construction Metal Structure Association united the authoritative associations of various industries with the theme of “home windows and doors”, scheduled for April 2018. From the 18th to the 20th, the "Seventh China (Linfen) Home Door & Window Expo" was held in Linyi, China. JinMida will bring the latest cutting machine center, CNC double-head cutting saws and other high-end broken doors and windows equipment, booth number: Hall A33-37, outside the hall U21-25.
A full set of high-precision, high-quality high-end broken bridge doors and windows equipment, double booths display, dozens of industry elites of the exhibition team, the exhibition will be all-round display Jinmaida broken bridge doors and windows equipment excellence. People from inside and outside the industry are welcome to visit the booth for guidance.

Pavilion inside the exhibition hall (red frame)

Pavilion outside the exhibition hall (8th door at Red Frame)
With the show information:
First, the name of the event
Name: The 7th China (Linyi) Home Door and Window Expo
Location: China International Window & Window Expo City
Time: April 18-20, 2018

Second, the organization
Organizer: China Construction Metal Structure Association
Organizer: China International Door and Window Curtain Wall Expo City
Support Units:
China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association
China Building Decoration Association
China Template Scaffolding Association
Shandong Construction Machinery Association
Guangdong Province Door Association, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Civil Engineering Society Door and Window Curtain Wall Professional Committee, Sichuan Province Door Industry Association, Hubei Province Door Industry Association, Jiangsu Nanjing Moving Door Industry Association, Hebei Renqiu Building Door and Window Industry Association, Linyi County Aluminum Profile Industry Association, China-Europe Energy-saving Door and Window Industry Development Alliance

Third, the range of exhibits
Entry door, kitchen/balcony door, closet door, bathroom door, wooden door, bronze door, aluminum art door, aluminum alloy window, solid wood window, aluminum wood composite window, screen window, sun room, all aluminum home, gazebo, fence, intelligent Home, hardware accessories, aluminum, aluminum template, glass and so on.

Fourth, seven exhibition areas
Door and window exhibition area, all-aluminum home exhibition area, hardware accessories area, aluminum formwork exhibition area, aluminum material exhibition area, mechanical equipment area, glass processing area. The exhibition area covers an area of 596,000 square meters and more than 1280 exhibitors.
V. Participation groups
Leaders of the organizer, relevant leaders of the government, experts of national research institutes, leaders of associations of home and window industry in the country, provinces, cities, aluminum home industry, smart home industry, aluminum formwork industry, etc., well-known domestic and foreign doors, windows, curtain walls, aluminum homes, Smart home, building materials and other corporate leaders, marketing directors, technical chiefs, mainstream media, industry media, window Bo City, the company's main business owners and important customers.

VI. Features of the exhibition
This exhibition will continue the exhibition concept of “Doing fine and winning the future” in previous window fairs. Under the theme of “Green Doors, Better Life” inherited from the previous Expo, we will keep pace with the times, grasp the development trend, focus on the frontier of the market, and make every effort to highlight the theme of “doors and windows” to create the largest home exhibition in the North and Asia. The China Construction Metal Structure Association supports all major authoritative associations throughout the country and has made numerous appearances of quality doors and windows. Here, there will be endless opportunities for the development of the home and window industry; here, there will be endless choices of home and window agents; here, there will be the most comprehensive product, technology, and information display of home windows and doors. In 2018, we will be here, focusing on the city of Bo, to China and the world, to release the strong signal of the development of home windows and doors. Here, the entire industry is working together to focus on energy, to create a colorful, full-featured home and window brand feast, to create an "international, large-scale, comprehensive, brand-name" home window Expo grand!

Seven, the same period activities
I. Opening Ceremony of the 7th China (Linyi) Home Door and Window Expo
Time: April 18 morning
Location: Window Bo City Plaza

Second, the Chinese home window industry summit forum
Time: April 18th afternoon
Venue: Report Hall, 3rd Floor, Window Bocheng

Third, the theme of "concentric with peers" theme party
Time: Late April 18th
Venue: Lancui Lake Hotel Boya Hall
Fourth, International Building Materials Exhibition Trade Week
Time: April 19-22
Venue: 3rd Floor, China International Window & Door, Curtain Wall Expo City

V. Aluminum profile home door and window curtain wall painting technology exchange meeting
Time: April 21
Venue: Jincheng Hall, Jincheng Hotel

Sixth, traffic
Qingdao, Jinan Airport bus timetable
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Train ride guide
Try to choose the ticket to Qingzhou Railway Station; Qingzhou is 40 minutes away from Linyi by either taking the county bus or taking a taxi directly (reference price is 80-100 yuan).
Other train stations are from near to far: Weifang, Zibo, Jinan, and Qingdao. After arriving at the train station, the passenger car will arrive at Linyi.