Rust removing method of linear guide

 Industry News     |      2018-07-02 12:09
Linear rail derusting:
Due to the influence of the external environment, the linear guides of door and window equipment are very susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion of linear guides is mainly caused by two reasons: one is the metal erosion of the bearing itself, and the second is the erosion of the tool elements. The metal erosion of the linear guide itself occupies a large proportion. Due to the special reasons of the working environment, rust can not be avoided in many cases. Especially when the weather is hot, the operator's hand sweat can also cause the linear guide rail to rust. This is because when human sweat contacts the bearing, a sweat film is formed on the surface, and the salt in the sweat on the metal surface reflects with the metal and causes erosion. Of course, if there are effective protective measures, this kind of situation can be completely avoided, such as taking professional gloves with specialized parts to install and operate. What are the aspects of the rail that are affected by the metal erosion of the linear guide? First, the surface brightness; Second, the chemical structure and composition of metal materials; Third, the metal surface solution composition and PH value.
In addition to the linear guide professional, the type of grease used in the largest high-speed wire rod mill bearings, accounting for about 70% of the fat content. Because that type of grease uses a delicate, light, hard-to-filter lithium-white thickener, using mineral oil as the base oil, it is difficult to know the need for low-level deep groove ball bearings to reduce the oscillation value. Another advantage is that it has a good pumpability, no matter if it is mechanical fatliquoring, it is still technically difficult to paint. Moreover, the low cost of the grease can greatly reduce the cost of the bearing. However, because of the use of mineral base oils, greases of that type are being used for physics and chemistry targets other than rust removal and rust prevention. If the bearing life can only reach 200 hours, the linear guide rails are frequently asked questions. Start-up and working torque are no problem when tested at -20°C. The use temperature of this type of grease is usually -20 ~ 120 °C, when the temperature is higher than 150 °C, it will cause the base oil transpiration is too fast, flow off the serious appearance, greatly shorten the life of VAV linear guide.
At present, the use of fine-grained bearings has become increasingly sophisticated, and it is necessary to promote the use of grease for linear guides without the following functions:
(1) With the same number of working days as the linear guide rails, the protection period is shortened as far as possible, the downtime is shortened, and labor is used to make a yield.
(2) Under the high speed of dn>5×105, it is necessary to ensure that the motor temperature rise is low, no oil is thrown, and then the power consumption is decreased to protect the motor.
(3) Its scalar content control is under certain specifications, minimizing the pollution of equipment noise to the situation.
(4) Under the hypothermia working premise to ensure the linearity of the start and work of the linear guide, NSK linear guide common problems. Guaranteed minimum output power. The deep groove ball bearing removed is cleaned, sub-coarsely cleaned and finely cleaned, and kept in a container. The metal mesh bottom is placed first so that the bearing does not directly touch the container's dirt. For rough cleaning, assuming that the linear guide rotates with dirt, it will damage the rolling surface of the deep groove ball bearing, and care should be taken. In crude clean oil, use a brush to remove grease and sticky material. After roughly cleansing, transfer to a fine wash.