Daily maintenance method for corner machine of broken aluminum door and window equipment

 Industry News     |      2018-07-02 12:03

Most customers will ask when buying door and window equipment: How long can you use this equipment? In fact, this method of asking a bit makes us manufacturers unable to answer. Because some customers cherish the equipment, usually pay great attention to the maintenance of windows and doors equipment, maintenance equipment may be used for 10 years and 8 years no problem; customers do not take the equipment seriously, there are aluminum chips on the equipment is not clean, of course, the equipment The service life is short. Most of the customers now do not understand the maintenance and service of the door and window equipment. Today, Jinmaida's small window and door equipment manufacturers use the corner machine as an example to explain the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.


First, the angle machine hydraulic system aspect.
1. The working medium of the oil pump is hydraulic oil, and L-HM32 hydraulic oil is used in winter. L-HM46 hydraulic oil can be used in summer.
2. The liquid level of the fuel tank is kept on the center line of the oil mark to prevent the oil pump from absorbing air. When refueling, the 120 mesh filter is used to filter the impurities in the new oil. When used frequently, the fuel tank is usually cleaned every two months, and the oil filter is cleaned once every six months, and the new oil is replaced at the same time.
3, the normal working oil temperature is 20 °C -50 °C, when the oil temperature is too high, you need to take cooling measures or stop the pump until the oil can be fully cooled to work properly. When the oil temperature is too low, direct operation is not allowed. Warming measures must be taken. The temperature of the oil can be increased by externally heated or low pressure operation.
4, the working pressure of the pump can not be arbitrarily increased
5. Long-term use of high-pressure hoses, due to the aging of the hose, the damage in various places will cause the reduction of the compressive strength of the hose. Attention should be paid to regular inspections.


Second, the gas source triplet (water separator, pressure gauge, oil mister).
Water separator, water is discharged every shift, once a week, and the pressure gauge is adjusted to 0.4-0.6MPa. The lubricator injects L-MH32 hydraulic oil and maintains a certain oil level. The oil volume is adjusted to approximately one drop per minute.
The above is the place to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the corner machine in the door and window equipment. There are not many points, mainly hydraulic systems and triplets. I hope everyone will pay attention to checking these two aspects when using the corner machines. Only when everybody pays attention to the usage of doors and windows equipment, and more maintenance and maintenance, can we improve the service life and efficiency of doors and windows equipment.
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