Several factors affecting the cutting stability of double-head cutting saw

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Several factors that affect the cutting stability of double-head cutting saws:
1. The strength and hardness of the profile are high, the power consumption is increased, the thermal conductivity and heat capacity are small, and the heat dissipation capacity is reduced.
2. The cutting speed of the double-head cutting saw has the greatest influence, cutting speed increases, and the consumed power increases by 70%-80%. As the amount of work knife increased, the cutting power multiplied, but the heat of the cutting saw blade also multiplied.
Obviously, from the point of view of cutting temperature, it is necessary to increase the production volume and make the cutting temperature not rise too high. Therefore, the principle of selecting the cutting amount is: large back-feeding amount, large feed amount, and small advancement. Give speed.
3. The rake angle of tool parameters increases, deformation and friction decrease, cutting power decreases, heat generated decreases, cutting temperature decreases, and the current angle increases. As the engagement angle decreases, the heat dissipation volume decreases, and the cutting stability increases. The bamboo pieces are called larger, the working length of the cutting edge is reduced, the heat dissipation area is reduced, and the cutting stability is increased.
4 Other factors, the use of cutting fluid can take away heat, reduce tool wear, prevent the cutting edge from becoming blunt, resulting in increased deformation and friction, so that the cutting temperature increases.
In summary, Kim Maida, a manufacturer of double-head cutting saws, believes that effectively increasing the cutting stability of the double-head cutting saw and increasing the service life of the cutting blade is the best way to slow down the feed rate of the saw blade and reduce single cutting work. At the time, using cutting fluid to dissipate heat is a good idea