Heavy 150 group corner machine instruction manual

 Industry News     |      2018-07-02 11:58

1. Main use and application scope
The group of corner machines is a special equipment for the production of high-grade aluminum doors and windows. It is suitable for 90 degree corner connection of corner structure type aluminum doors and windows.
2. The main technical parameters
Three-phase four-wire power supply 380V 50Hz
Motor power 2.2KW
Motor speed 1400r/min
Rated oil pump pressure 15Mpa
Oil pump working pressure 10-15Mpa
Air source working pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air consumption 10L/min
Fuel tank capacity 40L
Total group angular pressure 68KN
Group angle cylinder movement stroke 35mm (set angle travel 18mm)
Main positioning block adjustment range 80mm
Processing profile height (maximum) 150mm
3. Main composition, working principle and structural features
3.1 Main components
This machine consists of body, worktable, positioning cylinder, positioning slider, auxiliary positioner, punch riveter, group angle cylinder, slide plate, electric control panel, foot switch and other main parts. The pneumatic system consists of solenoid valve, pressure gauge, Oil-water separator and other components, hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, hydraulic solenoid valve, high pressure hose, hydraulic relay and other components, see the gas-liquid schematic.